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What’s your dream team?

Our Dream Team!


Baines           Luiz                          Pique             Lahm



El Sharaway         Sturridge            Ronaldo



                              Fred ST                Messi CF              Kompany DF        Hulk ST

Neuer GK             Lavzzei CM          Marcelo DF           Aguero ST

T.Silva DF            Oscar CAM                    Hazard LM            Robben  LM

World Cup Day 15

These matches were on at the same time Portugal V Ghana and USA V Germany. The first goal was Portugal against Ghana; it was an own goal to Ghana who gave a goal away. 1-0 to Portugal. These matches were very tight until Germany found the back of the net in the final minutes of the game: 1-0. Back in the other match, either side could have gone through with
enough of a goal difference but neither could grab their dreams. Portugal are knocked out of the cup alongside Ghana; Germany and USA are now through.

World Cup Day 14

Switzerland v Honduras was the first match of World Cup Day 14. Total knockout football! The first stunning goal went to the Swiss 1-0. Almost immediately after that goal, Switzerland scored another! Hobnduras tried to fight their way back, but it was not going to be their match as a goalbound shot was cleared off the line by the Swiss – WOW! Then out of nowhere a hat-trick was completed by Shadri. The score was 3-0.

Ecuador v France. 0-0! Pogba did get a good header in but missed.


Bosnia & Herzegovina v Iran. Out of nowhere Dzeko shot and the ball went straight past the keeper. And another goal 2-0. IRAN, GOAL! 2-1. Final result? 3-1 to Bosnia.

World Cup Day 13

England v Costa Rica was the first match. This match was a goalless match! No goals! Really England! Really! At least it wasn’t entirely ‘pointless’!


The next match was Italy v Uruguay which is not going to be remembered for a good reason: Luis Suarez mistook Chiellini for Cannelloni and took a massive bite from him; this is not the first time he has done this and although Uruguay are through, what will happen to Suarez?


This next match was Columbia v Japan. Out of nowhere, a penalty to Columbia 1-0. Then another goal. And another. Then Columbia it was Grace who scored a chip shot.

World Cup Day 12

To kick off World Cup Day 12 it was Cameroon V Brazil. This match was going to be a stunner. The stadium was electric for both teams. Here are the goals of this match.

The first goal went to Brazil from a Luis Gustavo cross who then found a light in the tunnel for Neymar who in turn planted it into the bottom right corner.

It was then Cameroon that found the right cross and scored into an empty net. Another goal to Brazil by Fernandinio. Fred scored Brazil’s final goal (from another amazing cross) and the match ended 4-1.

The second match was Croatia v Mexico. Marques were the goal scorer for Mexico. Then Mexico found the space to hit it into the roof of the net. 2-0 to Mexico. Hernandez then won a header from a corner: 3-0. Croatia got a goal back but it wasn’t enough as, out of nowhere, there was a red card to Croatia and their dreams of qualifying were gone.


This next match was another stunner Netherlands v Chile. Netherlands first  found the back of the net with a header from Fer. The next goal was scored from a superb solo run and cross by Robben.


This next match was Spain V Australia. Spain had already crashed out of the World Cup but no one seemed to have told David Villa this as he scored a magnificient Cruyff-like goal! Torres and Mata also got on the score sheet with a stunning goal each. Some pride restored in Spain: 3-0.

World Cup Day 11

Portugal v USA and the pressure was really on the Europeans. They responded well when the first goal went to Portugal – Nani was the goal scorer. Next goal was to USA, who equalized; the goal keeper didn’t even move! Both teams scored again leaving this one a draw! Are Portugal going to follow Spain and England out of this World Cup?


Next match Belgium v Russia. First goal was to Belgium who finally found the back of the net 1-0.


South Korea v Algeria didn’t look like a match that was going to be enjoyed by millions but if you missed it, you missed out! Algeria 4, South Korea 2!

World Cup Day 10

Germany v Ghana was the next match and one of the best so far. The first goal went to Germany, the scorer was Gotze. Next goal was to Ghana who equalized with a header. Ghana then took a deserved lead; the goal scorer was Gyan. Score 2-1. However, the Germans always find a way to win, and who scored the goal to equal Ronaldo’s all time goals at the World Cup? Miroslav Klose, playing in his fourth World Cup finals.


Next game Argentina v Iran. A fine, brave effort from Iran and the first goal was long time coming! Messi saved Argentina’s blushes when he curled the ball into the top left corner. End result: 1-0.


Next match was Nigeria v Bosnia Herzegovina. Only one goal in this one with Nigeria coming out on top.

World Cup Day 9

Next match Italy v Costa Rica. England needed a favour from the Italians here! No such luck as Bryan Ruiz found the back of the net stunningly! England, regrettably, out!


Next up, Switzerland v France and what a goal-fest! France who found the back of the net five times! Switzerland got two back but it wasn’t enough. There was a shock at the end when Karim Benzema, easily France’s best player, scored a wonder goal (better than Tim Cahill’s) only for it to be disallowed because the referee had blown the final whistle as it left his boot!


Next, Honduras v Ecuador. The first goal was to Honduras, who curled it into the net. Next goal to Ecuador who found the back of the net. The winning goal went to Ecuador, who managed to somehow squeeze one into the back of the net. 2-1.

World Cup Day 8

Millions of fans watched today as England took on Uruguay; nothing less than a win would do! However, the first goal of the game went to Uruguay; the player who scored: Suarez with a brilliant header from an Edison Cavani cross. England pulled one back when Wayne Rooney scored his first ever World Cup Finals goal. England looked like the more dangerous of the two teams but it was Uruguay, or should we say Suarez, who claimed the win with a second goal from a mistake in the England midfield. Has Suarez knocked England out of the World Cup at such an early stage?



Next up Japan v Greece. This game was quit boring and it ended 0-0.


Next match was Colombia v Ivory Coast. The first goal was to Colombia, then another for Colombia, but out of nowhere, Gervinho took the ball past 4 players: 2-1. Can Colombia get through?